rhino-mocks - 在密封非泛型类中,如何 单元测试 调用泛型方法的非泛型方法?


使用 [assembly:InternalsVisibleTo()]

public sealed class AppService
//TODO: fix dev's spelling
//want to test this
 public AddSubscribtionResponse AddSubscribtion(AddSubscribtionRequest request)
 return ExecuteQueryProc<AddSubscribtionResponse>("spAddAppToUserGroup", request).First();

//I want to stub or interaction test the call to here
 #if DEBUG
 List<T> ExecuteQueryProc<T>(string query, object parameters = null)
 var cn=GetConnection();
//DatabaseCommand is a static class =(
 return DatabaseCommand.ExecuteQueryProc<T>(cn, query, parameters);

我在让 Rhino stub或者拦截执行查询过程方法时所做的每一次尝试都失败了。

var service = MockRepository.GeneratePartialMock<AppService>(null);
service.Stub(f => f.ExecuteQueryProc<AddSubscribtionRequest>(null, null)).IgnoreArguments().Return(new List<AddSubscribtionRequest>());

var expected = new AddSubscribtionRequest();
var actual = service.AddSubscribtion(expected);

投掷 System.InvalidOperationException: ExecuteReader: CommandText property has not been initialized

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从类( 如果类不能从它继承,rhino.mocks 无法代理你的类) 中删除"密封"。 而且ExecuteQueryProc必须是虚拟的,才能实现它的功能。